Check out this video where I’m joined by Kristin Mould of Heart and Home Real Estate to discuss one of the coolest, yet rarely used features of the iGuide: the guided tour! This feature allows you to take your viewer on an interactive tour, guided by you, with full control of what the other person sees. You can also do this with your client on speaker phone, so you can talk, walk, and visualize the home as if you were there. Guided tours can be used for virtual open houses, showings, and caravans, so potential buyers can see the home without ever having to step foot in it. It’s also a great way to show off the home to multiple buyers or realtors without having to give multiple in-person tours.

After watching this video be sure to check out our iGuide features page to see all the different options available for your iGuide experience.

You can book your photos and iguide together by clicking on the link below

iGuide provides measurements that are calculated under the RECA RMS guidelines. Our professional measurement technicians ensure that all areas are checked for accuracy and completeness. Calgary Photos provides up to $1M in errors and omissions coverage for all its drafting services.



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