Package Comparison

Photography is much like cooking. It can be as simple as ham sandwich or as delicate as a soufflé and the difference is more than just the ingredients and the tools in the kitchen.




®realtor, Landlord and Builder Spec


Builder Portfolio

Small Business

Builder Award

All photographers have gone through criminal record checks and are covered for WCB and $5 million commercial liability.

Photography by a MPI recognized Master Commercial Photographer

Professional Gear Including
Full Frame professional DSLR Cameras with Professional grade Lenses, lighting and tripod.

Largest Print Size

18 mega pixels

11×17 at 300dpi Standard magazine size double page spread

Bus Bench and Standard Transit Ad size compatible

20 mega pixels

Oversized magazine size double page spread

Standard Billboard

50 mega pixels

All print and oversized billboard compatible

Working file bit depth
The greater the bit depth the more colour and dynamic range information is retained in the processing stage allowing for smoother gradations between dark and light and less grain in the final image. 

8 bit

16 bit

16 and 32 bit

Proofing – Providing proofs to clients before sending final images.  Allows for clients to purchase only the photos they want, ask for edits and use proofs for ads to ensure suitability.

Composed for Bleed – images shot a slight bit wider so that creatives can crop for their creative and print needs (upon request).

Ad campaign and messaging review – ad campaigns and branding have specific styles that need to be adhered to. We can work with you and review these prior to your shoot to ensure we get the perfect shots for your needs.

Simple pre-shoot prep – turning on lights, toilet seats down, hiding garbage bins etc.  The simple staging things that we can do to help make the home look better.

Advanced pre-shoot prep – refolding towels, remaking beds, furniture positioning, carpet grooming, re-arranging decor, removing cords and other distractions.

Automatic Privacy Blurring Option (Available upon request – typically used for portraits on walls or diplomas and certificates.)

Processing and Photoshop

Standard Colour Correction

Advanced Colour Correction

Exterior Grey Sky Removal

Exterior Grass Enhancements

Standard Interior Lighting Enhancements

Advanced Interior Light Enhancements and Modification

Photoshop Time Included

1 hour per package

30 minutes per image

Turn around time

24 hours

48 hours of proofing

Within 7 days

File Handling

High Resolution Images




Social Media Sized Images

Web Resolution Images

MLS Matrix Sized Images

BILD Award Sized Images

16 bit TIFF Files

Available upon request

Dropbox Archiving 

Keep all your images stored on our business dropbox account. No annual fees, storage limits. 

®Realtor License – Photos come with a limited non-transferable license. The term if the license is equal to the length of the MLS Listing agreement between seller and agent. Photos may only be used for the purposes stipulated within the MLS Listing agreement and may not be used for any other purpose without the written consent of the Seller, listing agent and MidIsland Photos.

MLS Matrix Sized Photo Ownership – MidIsland Photos provides the ®Realtor the right to transfer ownership of the MLS Matrix sized photos (and ONLY the MLS Matrix sized photos), from us to the MLS system to comply with the terms and conditions of the Matrix system.

General License –  99 year unlimited, non-transferrable license.

Secondary License – a secondary general license can be provided to any third party granted that express written consent of the original client is obtained. Secondary licenses are priced out at 50% of the cost of the original license. 

Rental Property Owners and Landlords – may purchase a ®Realtor Package and switch their ®Realtor License to a modified General License, only to be used for the purposes of renting or leasing out the property and may not be used for the future sale of the property. The license is non-transferrable and shall terminate upon the transfer of ownership of the property.  

Property Release Requirement – Photography conducted in a residential property must come with a property release to ensure compliance with provincial and federal privacy regulation. Rental properties with existing tenants will require a property release from all tenants that reside at the property at the time of photography. 

NA – privacy is covered in the MLS Listing agreement between agent and seller.

For any residential properties not owned by the builder at the time of shooting.

For any residential properties not owned by the builder at the time of shooting.

Optional Add-Ons

Stock Area Photos – Best way to showcase the amazing surrounding neighbourhood! MidIsland Photos can provide a non exclusive non transferrable license to use existing stock area imagery to any of your packages. *Some restrictions apply.

Free with any package. ®Realtor Package License

$125 for a set of 10 images. General Photography License

$125 for a set of 10 images. General Photography License

Google Business Upload

Calgary Photos can upload your photos to your business google listing as a local guide and provide a review at the same time.
*Some restrictions apply



Virtual Staging

$55 per image

$55 per image

$55 per image

Virtual Renovations

$95 per image

$95 per image

$95 per image