Matterport is an amazing technology that provides an incredible 3D immersive virtual tour experience.  As the company evolved so did the technology allowing more third party cameras and devices to be used with its platform.  Today Matterport can be completed on high end professional machines produced by Matterport like the brand new Matterport Pro 3, or the more common Matterport Pro 2.  It can also be done using ultra high end scanning devices like the Leica BLK which is a $60,000 peice of amazing scanning tech.  It can also be done using 360 cameras like the Ricoh Theta Z1, Insta360, and even on your iphone. 

So what’s the difference? Like many services, the differences are often in speed, quality and cost.  The Pro 2 does produce higher quality images and more precise Doll House views, but it also takes four times longer to scan and therefore the cost is higher.  The 360 camera can scan quickly, produce seamless panoramas with little to no stitch errors, and therefore cost a lot less.

We provide both services for our clients and recommend the more economical matterports for shorter term marketing like a standard Real Estate Listing.  For Builder Showhomes, Art Galleries and otherwise longer term marketing – we recommend using the Pro series.

Here is a sample fo the same house done using the two different methods for comparison. You can start both in the same browser – try zooming in – zooming out – notice color differences and as well differences in floorplans view, and doll house view.

Captured on a 360 Camera

Captured using Matterport Pro 2

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