One of the hardest parts of social media is staying consistent! Whether it’s a lack of idea, a lack of time, or just a lack of motivation – posting regularly isn’t always so easy. And with the holidays around the corner, posting regularly can feel even more overwhelming! To help you out this holiday season, we’re giving you a list of […]
There are a lot of different types of posts that you can create, but one variety seems to prevail in terms of creating engagement and intriguing followers- the educational post. Posts that teach your followers something can often be really helpful to your audience, which gives them another reason to stick around.  @Gocleanco does a great job of sharing cleaning […]
If you’re putting time and money into marketing your business, it’s important to be able to track how well they are working. That way, you can adjust your strategy as you go and maximize your ROI. When it comes to platforms like Instagram and Facebook, people tend to focus on one thing – the number of followers, but a higher […]
When you have a business or a creator account on Instagram, you have the privilege of getting to see your post insights! Post insights give you a look behind the scenes of how your photo or video is being interacted with.  This information can help you understand which posts perform best, show you why certain images performed better, and ultimately […]
Have you ever noticed that your account and your posts can do so well on one platform, but completely bomb on another? You aren’t alone. But what’s the reason for these differences between different social medias? Truth is, there are a few reasons that this could be happening to you! Newer Platforms Tend to Have Better Reach If we’re looking […]
One of the top tools that businesses could use on Instagram was the Swipe Up Link feature for stories. The tool let you link to any URL, which could help users lead to their business or influencers lead to their affiliate accounts. Besides being a great money-maker, the tool could also be helpful for sharing educational posts, spreading awareness to […]
Different types of social media may have different “rules” for success, but many of the tactics to grow an account are overarching and apply to most platforms. If you feel like your growth is plateauing then it may be time to change your strategy up. Today, we’re giving you 5 reasons that your social accounts may not be growing. Success […]
Instagram guides have been around for a while now, but we would consider them one of the apps most underappreciated features. When Insta first released this feature it caused a little uncertainty, as we see with just about every feature release. Some of us loved it; some of us hated it; some of us thought that it could even ruin […]
If you ever feel like you can’t keep up with all the different types of social media that are constantly popping up, don’t worry, you are not alone! From Facebook, to Twitter, to Snapchat, to Instagram, to LinkedIn, to TikTok, to Clubhouse, it can feel like there is a never-ending stream of new social media. It can be overwhelming.  With […]
There is always hesitation when social platforms put out a new feature. Whether it’s an accusation of copying another platform, debating whether it’s truly a useful feature or just a disinterest in learning a new tool. Because of this, many people resist using the tool at all until it becomes really popular.  Today, we’re here to flip that thinking on […]