Boost your Instagram Reels Engagement

How to increase your Instagram Reels engagement. One of the newer features on Instagram, Reels have been taking over the app. Much like the videos you see on TikTok, they consist of small video clips up to 60 seconds long. The move to add this feature was a controversial one. People felt that it was starting to stray too far from its intended purpose as a photo app. Nonetheless, Instagram continues to rely more and more on this type of media which essentially means one thing for users: if you want Instagram to continue showing your posts to followers, it’s probably best to hop onboard the reels train!

Reels are simple in principle and learning how to get started isn’t too tricky, but those who want to get serious about reels and use the feature to grow their account will really have to experiment and learn different techniques to improve their presence on the app. 

As with all things related to social media, one of the best ways to help grow your account is to focus on increasing the engagement on the things you post! This remains true for reels. That’s why this post will walk you through some of the simple steps you can take to help boost engagement on your reels. 

follow instagram Trends

When you see something starting to trend, this is one of the best moments to join the bandwagon. While not every trend pans out and goes viral, the people who join early have an incredible opportunity to skyrocket the growth of their account if it does end up becoming popular. 

Keep an eye out for fun ideas that you haven’t seen yet, pay attention to what trends are starting to pick up and trust your gut!

Use instagram Captions

While you may have the urge to talk through your reel, it’s always a great idea to add text! The majority of Instagram users scroll without sound, so having captions will help them engage with your content even if they can’t hear it.

Use Captions on your Instagram Reels

Cut it short

And by that, we don’t mean the length of the video needs to be kept to a few seconds! When you get to the last caption of your video, don’t let it stay on screen too long. By doing this, people are likely to re-watch it again to catch the last bit of information and will signal that your content is interesting.

Use Reels in your feed

When you post a reel you get to choose whether you want it to show up on your feed, and if you want to improve engagement, this is a great way to do it! Don’t stress if your reel doesn’t match your grid perfectly, after a day or two, you can remove the post from your grid, but it will stay in your reels section. This technique helps ensure that your content gets the most views in the early stages of it being posted which will have the most impact on how it performs.

Add your Instagram Reel to your Feed

Creativity is key

While there are lots of little tricks you can use to help boost engagement, good content will always matter. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas and try out different trends and transitions to see what works for you and your audience. This will keep things interesting for everyone and will help you figure out what attracts people to interact with your account.


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