Educational posts on your social media accounts are one of the best tools to nurture and grow your audience! There are a few reasons that they work so well. For one, educational content can really position you and your business as an expert on the topic. This can help build trust and gives you credibility as a service provider or product seller.

Another reason that educational content is great for growing your audience is that it keeps people coming back and wanting to follow you! You’ve probably experienced it yourself. You come across an account giving tips on finance or cooking, and you immediately think “wow, that’s amazing! What other suggestions do they have to give?”. It immediately intrigues people, because it’s not simply entertainment, but it actually makes them see you as being able to improve their life. 

The beauty of educational posts is that they don’t always have to be a plain paragraph with instructions or one quick tip – there are lots of ways that you can position them in order to keep things fresh on your feed! Most of these styles will work whether you’re doing a text post, a video, or even a reel or Tiktok!

The Simple Tip

Not all posts have to be complicated and in-depth. Sometimes a simple one or two sentence caption does the trick! 

Here is one way to use the simple tip, like has!

The Extended Post

On the other hand, some tips simply are more complicated and require a more in-depth explanation. If you want to explain why your advice is important or what people can do to make it work as well as possible, you may want to take a bit more than one line! To break this up so it’s easy to read, you can put the priary suggestion as the first sentence, and then say something along the lines of “Keep reading to understand why this is so important!”. This can also work for posts where you aren’t giving a tip, but rather explaining the history of something or telling a story.

The Step by Step

Explain a process by giving it to your followers step-by-step instructions on how you do it. This works perfectly for lots of different things, whether it’s cooking instructions or the steps you take to clean your mattress! A benefit of this style is that it’s really easy for viewers to follow along and replicate.

@hey.pj shared the steps she takes to book a cheap flight ticket in an IGTV


Business owners tend to get a lot of questions. Whether people want to know shipping times or where your products are made, and FAQ type of post can help you inform your audience without information overwhelm! Pay attention to the questions you get the most, then compile them into a few posts. If you have a lot, you can even divid by category. Then simply put the question, and the quick and easy response underneath. You can put as many or as few as you would like into one post.

The Info Drop

Sometimes you have a lot of thoughts or tips and tricks surrounding a single topic. A bullet point list can be a great way to get all the information on the table at one time without getting too deep into it all! Once again, you can put as little or as many tips as you want, and just list out what you need to say! If you want to keep it fun and easy to read, you can use emojis as your bullet points based on the topics that come up in the sentences!

@onegirlwandering shared some different ways that people can save on cruises by using points!

The Case Study

Did you have a client who had great results after following your advice? Did someone love how their product helped them change their life? This type of educational post will be positioned more like a story! So, give us a little background on the topic, explain what the problems were, how your product, service or advice helped solve them, and why the customer recommends working with you. Everyone loves a success story!

The Resource Dump

Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time giving advice and educating people through your social media already. Perhaps, instead of teaching them even more, you just want to give a shout out to the people, businesses, and pages that can help them further on their journey! Share a list of accounts and websites that you recommend if people want to learn more about a topic. If you’re concerned about mentioning direct competitors, then just focus on pages that focus on topics that are adjacent to yours! For example, if you are a real estate agent, you may not suggest another real estate agent, but you could suggest your favourite home stagers, photographers, measurement techs, marketing specialists, or even specific books, that can help make the home-selling journey easier for your followers.

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