There are lots of different things that can be done to improve how your account performs on social media. But in the end, nothing will stick if you aren’t clear about a few things. These are some of the questions you should answer if you’re serious about levelling up your social game!

Why do people follow me?

This is a really important place to start. You should have a clear vision for why you think people are following your social account. Especially as a business, you want to make sure that you’re giving something to your potential customers so that they are eager to stick around! This can be one reason or a few reasons, but make sure you have an answer. It could be education on a certain topic, it could be recipes, and it could even be simply entertainment! But if the answer isn’t clear to you, then it won’t be clear to people that come across your page, and that will make them less willing to follow.

What’s my goal with my social account?

Followers are important to consider, but it’s also good to ask, what do YOU want out of your social media accounts? Some may be on social media simply to reach a wide audience and get some exposure. Others may want to use social as a way to get extra sales. Perhaps some want to build up their brand. Of course, for most businesses, their overarching goal is to grow their business, but everyone should be clear on what direct impact they want to see from their accounts so that they focus their strategy on doing that.

Which content has gotten the highest engagement in the past?

Look back through your feed and pay attention to which posts have gotten the most interactions. Which posts are getting the most likes, shares, comments, and saves? Answering this question can help you figure out what types of posts are most valuable to your ideal customers. Take this information and see if there are interesting ways to create more content like your highest performing posts. 

Can I improve certain parts of my strategy?

If you want your social media presence to grow, you’ll have to be critical of your strategy. Understand what your strategy looks like at the moment. Then pick it apart and understand which parts are being done really well, which parts you may be struggling with, and which aspects you completely ignore. It’s useful to also be clear on what features you haven’t touched and see if there are ways to incorporate new aspects of a platform to help your strategy. Once you have a big-picture understanding of how your strategy currently looks, you can be thoughtful of improving the parts of it that you haven’t yet nailed.

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