We all know how hard and confusing it can be to continuously grow your Insta account. It can be especially tough to get out of a plateau phase! Some days you feel like your account is growing by 20 followers a day for weeks, and all of a sudden, it’s crickets for months! When you hit that plateau, it’s good to explore new options on Instagram to make sure you’re taking advantage of everything the app has to offer. 

One of the most overlooked tools can be the comments section! Today, we’re looking at why the comments under your post have more to offer than just being a space for your followers to tell you what they think about your pics!

Nice place to hide your hashtags 

It never hurts to have a clean and visually pleasing feed. One easy way to clean up the look of your posts is to hide them in the comments section. They work the same way as when you put them directly in the caption, but it just takes away the mess of different words at the end of your feed and doesn’t cut into your text limit! Just like in your caption, you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags here for each post.

Great way to boost engagement on your page

We’ve already spoken about why engagement is so important for your Insta success, and one of the best ways to boost your engagement is to be active in the comments and to encourage your followers to make use of it too! Ask questions in your posts and tell followers to answer them in the comments. Make sure you reply to all the comments, too! 

Good place to learn more about your customers

Pay attention to your comments section and use it to your advantage as a business owner! Do you get the same questions over and over? Are people asking your opinion on certain products? When you ask questions, what are their responses? Use the comments you get to learn more about your customers’ pain points, needs, and interests. You may even find a way to grow your business or improve one of your own products or services! Don’t be shy about following up on the questions to dig a little deeper. 

A spot for you to add extra details

Every once in a while, you may have the need to type up an extra long post, but Instagram cuts you off! One way to get around the letter limit in captions is to put the second half of your caption into comments and pin it so it stays on top! Just make sure you let followers know that the caption is continued in the comments section.

Unique spot to promote your followers

A fun way to use the comments feature and lift up fellow creators is to pin comments to the top of your comments feed! This is easy to do and doesn’t cost you anything, but it will give others more visibility and can add value to your post, depending on what you choose to pin. Perhaps someone has asked a great question, go ahead and pin it! Maybe some added a funny comment, pin it! All you have to do is press down on the comment and choose the pin in the top right corner of your screen. At the moment you can pin up to 3 comments per post. 

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