We’ve already talked about the fact that Instagram stories can be a great tool to use for your business and how you can get your stories seen by more people – now it’s time to dive into different types of posts that you can put up on your stories!

Personal experiences

Stories are less permanent (only around for 24hrs if you don’t share them to a highlight) and people usually expect them to be less put together than a post on your main feed. This is a great place to share your own experiences in a casual way! Whether it’s something funny that happened to you or a deeper dive into a topic that you posted about, Stories are the perfect place to let people get a taste of your authentic self. 

@Kawasaki.photos shares a look at a family dinner

Behind the scenes

Had an interesting or fun photoshoot? Posted some pictures of a meal you cooked? Gave a great tip on your main feed? Share the behind-the-scenes! BTS posts are perfect for stories since they fall under that less permanent and less ‘perfect’ category that we mentioned above. On top of that, most people love to have a look at what goes one beyond the perfect and colour coordinated Instagram feed!

@at_realtor_yyc shares a behind the scenes look from a real estate showing

Survey questions

Whether you want to do some research on what your followers want to see on your page, or you just want to do a fun questionnaire, Stories are the place to do it! Lucky for you, Insta also offers a big selection of stickers that you can use to ask questions. Learn more about running an Insta Story survey to get to know your audience better here!

@kenrigelgroup asked some questions to discover people’s preferences 

Reposts from other accounts 

Share the posts from other creators that you admire! This can be one-off shares when you see a pic or a caption you love, or you can try to stick to a “follow Friday” theme and share a series of accounts that you can recommend. This is also a great way to grow your own community while you provide value for your followers.

@therealjefftincher reshares a post of a house that he likes

Reposts from your account

Don’t be shy about reposting your own posts as well! You can share a post you recently put up to try and bring more attention to it, or you can get more creative. Try finding a topic or theme that you’ve spoken about a few times, and see if you can guide people to a few different posts surrounding that topic. For example, you could make a little series called “My 5 favourite tips for cleaning your kitchen” and link to different posts where you talked about cleaning the kitchen! This is a great way to recycle existing content and get more engagement on old posts while keeping your growing audience educated on a topic.

@sterlinghomesyyc reshared a post of theirs from a beautiful listing!

Quick tips

Most of us have a lot of simple tips that fit our niche, but not all of them are special enough to write an entire post about it. Try using Stories for this type of situation! If you think of a useful tip that you use while you cook or a hack that you love for styling flawless hair, take a quick video and post it on stories! 

@mended.modern shares lots of home decorating tips on her stories!

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