One of the hardest parts of social media is staying consistent! Whether it’s a lack of idea, a lack of time, or just a lack of motivation – posting regularly isn’t always so easy. And with the holidays around the corner, posting regularly can feel even more overwhelming!

To help you out this holiday season, we’re giving you a list of easy-to-make posts that will work for most small businesses. That way you can stay consistent on social, while still dedicating the majority of your time to the things that matter the most, like spending time with your family!

  1. Team appreciation post

A simple thank you to the team for their hard work goes a long way.

  1. Customer Appreciation post

Show your customers that you appreciate them by featuring them and their posts connected to your brand.

  1. Staff-member shout out

Take the season of joy as your chance to shout out some of the hard-working members at your company and let your followers know why your team is so great

  1. Store/office holiday set up

Show your festive side by sharing a picture of the holiday decorations wherever you work.

  1. Your product as a holiday gift 

Tell us why you’re product or business would be the perfect holiday gift! This can be especially helpful if you have offerings that may not fit the traditional idea of a “gift”, but can actually still be a great service to give to loved ones.

  1. Holiday tradition 

Does your company or family have any traditions during the holiday season? Let your audience in on the fun!

  1. Behind the scenes of the busy holiday season

Many businesses are bustlin’ during the holiday season, share a behind the scenes of receiving packages, taking client calls, or unpacking items.

  1. Holiday Post

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or simply “the holidays”, post something to explain why the season is important to you and wish everyone a lovely season.

  1. New Years Post

Especially in these crazy times, everyone is happy to have a fresh start! Wish them a happy new year.

  1. New Years Resolution Info

Can your product be used to help people achieve their resolution goals? Do you have a holiday resolution you want to try? Is your entire office trying to achieve one resolution as a team? Give us the details!

  1. Giveaway 

Consider doing some type of giveaway – it is the season of giving, after all!

  1. Sale promotion 

December is a common time for sales and a great time to benefit from Christmas shopping, so make sure you let your followers know what specials you have going on this season.

  1. Gift packaging post

Show us an example of how your product can be packaged as a gift. If you don’t have a physical product, show us an example of your gift card or voucher under the tree!

  1. Social initiative post

December is also the season of sharing and helping! Does your company donate to an organization? Do you have any partner charities? Will you be giving a percentage of proceeds to a cause this year? Perhaps your team is spending an afternoon volunteering?

  1. Product in use

If you sell a physical product, give potential customers a taste of how it’s used and why they need it!

And if you prefer to take social media off your to-do list altogether, take a look at our packages here!



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