There are a lot of different types of posts that you can create, but one variety seems to prevail in terms of creating engagement and intriguing followers- the educational post. Posts that teach your followers something can often be really helpful to your audience, which gives them another reason to stick around. 

@Gocleanco does a great job of sharing cleaning tips and tricks to help keep their followers informed

Sadly, it can sometimes feel like you don’t have that many ideas. How can we always be teaching more?! The good news is that there are many ways to find new inspiration, which is what were talking about today!

Look at the photos you already have

Sometimes the easiest place to start is your camera reel. Whether you’re posting to your personal account or your business account, go through some older photos. You may have previously had a post in mind, and totally forgotten about it! On the other hand, you might simply see a photo that you once took, and it sparks a new idea for an educational post.

Dig into your comments and inbox

What’s the best way to figure out what will be helpful for your specific followers? See what questions they’re already asking! Did you post about a specific service and get a question in your comments? Do your followers often reach out in your inbox to ask you similar questions? Create a post that touches on the topics that are already coming up within your audience.

Create a question box on your story

Another way to go directly to your audience is in Stories. Let your followers know that you’re interested in helping them and want to create posts that are useful for their specific needs. Finish by asking them what questions you can help answer or what they’d like to learn from you. then add a question box where people can easily give a response. Take some screenshots of the responses, so you can dip into these whenever you’re looking for inspo.

Ask a friend

Talk to a friend that might not be so familiar with your niche and ask them what topics they would be curious to learn about if they wanted to develop more knowledge in that area. Sometimes when we’re already ‘experts’ on a topic, we can get trapped in thinking that everyone knows the same things we know. By talking to someone who is less familiar, you’ll be able to figure out what topics beginners and intermediate followers could learn something new from!

Check the topic on other platforms 

Head to Reddit, Youtube or Google and type in a keyword related to the topic of your account. This will bring up other articles, videos and questions on the topic and you can scroll through to get ideas. It can be especially useful to do this on Reddit because people tend to ask questions there, so you can get right into the mind of a person that’s learning about your niche. Sometimes it can be as simple as thinking of an answer to a Redditors question and posting it as the caption for your post.

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