When you have a business or a creator account on Instagram, you have the privilege of getting to see your post insights! Post insights give you a look behind the scenes of how your photo or video is being interacted with. 

This information can help you understand which posts perform best, show you why certain images performed better, and ultimately guide your social strategy! But you can only do this once you understand what everything means, so today, we’re going to be breaking down the information hidden in your Instagram insights. 


The first thing you’ll notice is the likes on your photo. This is the little heart symbol, and the number underneath shows the number of accounts that liked your post. Most people can’t see likes on other people’s posts anymore, but the information still exists for you to see on your own content.


The speech bubble indicates how many comments your post has received. This number will include your own comments, as well as any responses to comments.


The paper plane symbol represents the number of times your image was shared by other accounts. Depending on the region you live in, this data isn’t always available due to privacy laws. 


The bookmark symbol shows you how many times your image has been saved by someone. Rumour has it that this is one of the actions that has the biggest impact on your reach, so a high number of saves is often connected to high interaction overall.

Accounts Reached

This is the number of accounts that saw your post on their account at least one time. This could be a person that saw it on their own feed, but also includes people who came across it on the explore page.

Content interactions

This summarizes the number of actions taken on your post overall – including, likes, comments, shares, and saves. This number can help you gauge overall engagement on your post very quickly.

Profile Activity

Profile activity indicates how many people went from your post to your profile. This can help give you an idea of which posts are the best at directing followers towards your bio link, for example.


The reach section will help you understand exactly what number of the people that your post reached were followers and which people we not followers (often people from the explore page, or people who had the post shared with them)


Unlike reach, this account shows the total amount of times your post was seen, even if it’s coming from the same account 2 or 3 separate times.

From Home

An impression that your post received from someone who was on their home feed

From Hashtags

An impression received from an account that was browsing the pictures related to a specific hashtag your post used

From Location

An impression from an account that was looking at photos for a specific location tag

From Other

An impression that was received in a way outside of the above options, such as directly from your profile, or through a share

Profile Activity

This summarizes how much activity from your post came to your full profile


This is the number of people that followed you from the post or people that clicked through to your profile and ended up following.

Profile Visits

This is the number of people who visited your profile through the post

Call Button Taps

This is the number of people who saw your post and went on to your profile and clicked the call button (for business accounts)

Email Button Taps

This is the number of people who saw your post and went on to your profile and clicked the email button (for business accounts as well)

Now that you understand what every insight means, you can begin to understand what they indicate about your post and start to see what content is most valuable or entertaining for your specific audience.


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