Have you ever noticed that your account and your posts can do so well on one platform, but completely bomb on another? You aren’t alone. But what’s the reason for these differences between different social medias? Truth is, there are a few reasons that this could be happening to you!

Newer Platforms Tend to Have Better Reach

If we’re looking at the big picture, this can often come down to how new a social media is! The newer a platform is, the less people there are using it, and the more the platform is trying to attract people. This makes for the perfect recipe to have increased reach!  If you recently became active on a pretty new platform, like Tik Tok and noticed fast growth, this may be the reason.

You’ve Been More Consistent on One Platform

It’s hard to stay equally as active on all the social media platforms you use. Most of us tend to favour one! Perhaps you post regular posts on FB and IG, but when it comes to interacting and stories, you almost always stick to Instagram. The lack of time spent on an app will often have a big impact, and this could be one of the reasons that you see low reach on the ones that you give the least love to

Posting the Same Content on Different Platforms Doesn’t Always Work

We are big fans of repurposing content for different accounts! But, sadly, there are some limits to this practice. On one hand, this could come down to not optimizing your images in a technical sense. A landscape photo might work well on one platform, like LinkedIn, but on another, like Insta, it might be unfavoured by the algorithm if it isn’t the preferred dimensions. 

On the other hand, some types of content are just better suited for one type of social media than another. TikTok is really great for lipsyncing and dance videos, but on Facebook, that type of content doesn’t really stick. So check out what content you’re recycling and see if there’s a pattern between which posts perform well and on which platform!

In the end, social media can be a tough nut to crack! If you’re looking for some help, take a look at our social media management packages here!



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