Different types of social media may have different “rules” for success, but many of the tactics to grow an account are overarching and apply to most platforms. If you feel like your growth is plateauing then it may be time to change your strategy up. Today, we’re giving you 5 reasons that your social accounts may not be growing.

  1. You post inconsistently

Success on just about every social platform requires ongoing and consistent commitment. Most people seem to get excited when they’re on a social media kick, but after 2 or 3 weeks, they fall off the face of the earth. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook will be more likely to push your content to people if they can tell that you’re regularly showing up and that you’re going to keep showing up. Posting daily for a month and then disappearing for two months will make the platform lose trust, and your followers may also lose interest. 

  1. You never post about yourself

If you’re running a business account, then you should be trying to show the human side of your brand too! Products and features are great. But on social media, people are also interested in seeing the behind the scenes and getting personal. Try talking about your story, how the brand came to be, the employees and other aspects of the people that bring the company to life! You may think that business should be strictly business, but people want something that they can really connect with.

  1. You don’t try new features

If your growth is slowing down, it’s time to get comfortable with trying new things. Platforms always give extra attention to the people who are not just active posters but also use the whole range of tools that they provide. Experiment with new types of content, so that you can make use of the new tools the platform is giving you! If you want to read more about how new features can help your account grow, check out our recent post dedicated to this topic.

  1. You don’t engage

It can be hard to build a virtual connection with people if you always expect them to do all the work. Like IRL, friendship is a two-way street, so you have to get out there and interact. Go onto your existing followers’ accounts and send them some love through comments and likes. You can also go to accounts of ideal follower types and interact with them – think of this as networking for social media.

  1. You don’t use the tools that are made for people to discover you

Most social platforms show your content primarily to the people that are already following you. But most social platforms also provide you with some tools that can help get your content seen by more people. One of the most common tools: hashtags. These are like searchable key terms for your account. Location tags can also help your content get seen by new people. Certain stickers on Instagram and Facebook stories can also make your content visible to people outside of your following! So make sure you’re using all these tools whenever they’re available, to get your content in front of some new eyes!

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