Hashtags are a key player in the game of Instagram – without them, your posts will get less engagement, your account will get fewer followers, and you miss the chance to make your images and videos searchable. What we’re saying is: you should definitely be taking advantage of hashtags. 

While using hashtags is important, it’s also critical to change them up and not fall into the habit of using the same 30 over and over again, as this can reduce your reach in the long term. 

To help you find hashtags and keep some variety in the ones you use, we’re giving you three different platforms to find hashtags. 


The best place to begin is the Insta platform itself! There are two easy way to find inspiration through the search bar. 

The first option is to simply search one basic hashtag, for example #landscaping. Once you’re searching, you can click ‘tags’ and it will pull up similar and related hashtags. Go through and pick some that suit your brand and business, and simply save them in a document to come back to them next time.

The second option is to get inspiration from related accounts. Start with a search of a related hashtag that you already know, and click on the top posts to see what other tags they’re using. Here you can go through and save the ones that you like in a document as well so that you have a stock to dig into every time you post. 

For Display Purposes Only

Display Purposes is the perfect tool to help you build up a large bank of useful hashtags. Head to the website displaypurposes.com and type in some standard hashtags, the same as you would for searching on Instagram. You can even type in two or three at once if you want to narrow your results down.

Display Purposes will pull up a series of related hashtags and even show you their popularity and relevance. For speed and ease, you can even choose to copy all the hashtags they propose and paste them straight into your hashtag document.


The first two options are great if you have some time to create an inventory of tags, but if you’re looking for convenience, RiteTag is a great choice. Download the RiteTag extension onto Chrome, and you’ll be able to highlight any text and right-click to generate hashtags. This will pull up the tool and a selection of tags that are related to your chosen text. 

This is a great tool when you’re posting on the go, but the hashtags tend to be a bit generic, so it works best when you combine it with a bank of more specific tags from the two previous platforms.

Hashtags are critical to your success on a platform like Instagram, so it’s worth it to take some time every once in a while to create and update a bank of related hashtags that are related to the topics you touch upon in your posts. 

If you’d rather leave the hashtag research to someone else, take a look at our Social Media Management packages.



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