Last month we looked over a few simple techniques and easy-to-implement actions that can be used to improve your engagement on Instagram. These are pretty low commitment, and the best part is that they have the power to have nearly immediate results. There’s no need to dedicate the next 3 months before you see some return on your (time and energy) investment- when done correctly, these will give you more engagement on your account within a few hours.

Another piece of good news? We have even more tricks you can implement today to start seeing improved engagement on your account. 

Save liking comments for your next post

This one takes a little self-restraint. Next time you post and get comments, go ahead and respond, but resist the urge to ‘like’ the comments. The next time you post after that, go back to your initial post and hit like on all of those comments you previously got!

Here you can see how we utilize this technique!

This will give the commenters, who are already engaged followers, a notification about your post. When they see this, there’s a good chance they’ll head to your account and notice your newest post. From there, you can hope that they’ll send your pic a little love and possibly leave another comment!

Bring attention to your post with stories

The first hour after you post is the best chance to improve engagement on a picture or video. If the algorithm picks up on a lot of activity in that time, it’s the most likely to push it out to even more people. So, it’s always good to find ways to bring a little extra attention to your newest posts as soon as you get them up. 

@stephsellsyyc brings attention to her newest post the same way!

An extremely simple way to do this is to repost it in your story. To do this, go to your post and click the share button (which looks like a paper airplane). Your first option will typically be to share it to your story. Once it’s on your story editing page, you can write something or use a gif to call attention to it – simply writing “New post” can be enough! You can also mention that people can click the image to go through to it, to make it even easier for them to get to it!

Answer comments with questions

What’s the easiest way to keep a conversation going? By asking valuable questions. The same goes for Instagram comments. By now you probably realize that the more comments, the merrier! Lots of good comments signal a high interest in your content and make the algorithm show your content to more accounts. 

Asking a question is one of our favourite ways to get more engagement on our posts

So keep that conversation going by responding to every comment with a question. Don’t answer “this looks beautiful” with a simple “thanks” – say “thank you! Have you ever been here?” Don’t respond to “I love Arizona” with a quick “same” – ask “what’s your favourite place to visit there?”

Now that you’ve read these easy tips, it’s time to go out and implement them! Prefer to leave that up to someone else? Then check out our social media packages here!



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