The holiday spirit is really in the air! This year more than ever, as people look to find the silver lining at the end of a needless to say, long and tough year!

Usually, this is a great time for restaurants and stores to promote holiday specials and a festive time out with one’s friends and family – but not every industry pairs so nicely with the holidays! Whether you’re a plumber, construction company or just have to reinvent your strategy due to current restrictions, we have advice on how to still get the warm and festive feeling on your feed. Even if you don’t have a lot of Christmassy things to say!

Christmas specials

Let’s start with the most obvious! Of course, share your Christmas deals if you have them. Even if people might not be giving garage doors as gifts, and you ONLY sell garage doors, this is a time that people are on high alert for deals! Get the holiday deals going you might catch a few new customers who will jump on a good price as soon as they see it.

@basecampresorts shared their big special on bonus gift cards!

Social Initiatives

The holidays are the best time to spread joy! If your company does any donations (now or through the year) or helps collect for donation centers, this is a good time to let people know. Social responsibility is more important than ever, and by sharing that you support certain organizations, you might get people thinking about how they can help, too!

@locallaundry talked about raising money for the Calgary Food Bank with their most recent initiative!

Team appreciation

Share the love for your team! It’s always a good time for this, but the holidays are the best time to show your appreciation for your colleagues. Show your followers who they get to work with and why they’re awesome people.

At we still found a little way to celebrate Christmas

Customer Appreciation and Success

Who doesn’t love a feel-good story around the holidays? Share your top customers or some of their success stories. These aren’t just good testimonials for your brand, but people love to read them. Hearing that someone else is happy make us all warm and fuzzy inside and it will have the same effect on your customers!

@villageicecream is featuring “villagers” every Monday!

New Years Resolutions

Sometimes we need that extra little kick in the butt! Post how your company or product can help your followers achieve some of their new year’s resolutions. Maybe your exercise bands can help them have more success with an existing workout? Or do your pencils help people reach their educational goals? Whatever you’re selling, try finding unique ways that it can be used to help people accomplish their goals!

@saltlakerealty group created a post about resolutions to make in order to help sell your home in the new year!

In the end, it’s important to create a feel-good feed so that people want to come and participate in your community during a busy and stressful season! Keep them coming by having a safe and happy space, that’s welcoming even if it isn’t festive!



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