There’s more to being successful on Airbnb than just posting it online and hoping for the best, make sure you’re marketing it properly to get real results!

Times are getting a bit weird, and a lot of people are turning to new sources of income to help them out. Airbnb really is an amazing option for this since a spare room or an empty basement is all you need to get started. If you have a full house that can be rented out, that’s even better!

Even during COVID-19, people will continue to travel when they need to or are excited to visit more of their region in the meantime, but many of them will feel more comfortable staying in an Airbnb where they will have minimal contact with others compared to a hotel full of people. 

These are our favourite tips to help your Airbnb stand out and get more bookings.

Have a LOT of photos

Having a couple photos isn’t enough for a person to feel excited about your listing. It’s better to have a lot so they can get a good look at every corner of your place. On top of that, as they scroll through and see more, they are likely to get more excited and attached to the idea of booking your place!

Professional Photography

Unlike buying a home, people don’t get to visit an Airbnb ahead of time to make their decision. This means that they rely solely on the photos! Leave it to a professional to show your listing from it’s best angles. You want to make sure that it looks big enough that people think, “ooh that’s spacious!”, but not so big that it’s deceiving, which can lead to negative reviews in the end.

A lot of people try to avoid paying a photographer as it costs money, but if you’re serious about making an extra income, this is one of the best decisions! While it might cost you a couple of hundred upfront, the ROI can be huge. Just imagine how much extra money you could make if your listing was booked twice as much!! The choice will pay off with even one or two extra bookings.

These professional shots do an excellent job showing off the Kitchen of this listing! If you’d like your AirBnB professionally managed like this one – contact Sarah Kirby through or @Infinitebnb on Instagram

Use Social Media

Even if you only have a single listing, it’s a great idea to create an Instagram page for it. You can show of the interior a bit more (especially if you already have those professional photos), but you can also show off recommendations in the area. When a person stays with you, you can direct them to the IG for ideas of what to do in the area. 

@skyline_yyc does a fantastic job showcasing their beautiful listing on social media

Encourage reposts

Take it to the next level by creating a special hashtag and encouraging guests to tag you if they post any pictures. Then you can have more content to repost on your Instagram, all while you’re getting free marketing through your guest’s channels.

Pick a Theme

You might feel like this is overkill, but this can be a great way to get more bookings or even to make more money. A basic home might cut it for some people. Yet, when a person is looking at 2 listings for about the same price, they will usually go with the prettier or funner one. Some people will even pay extra just to have a really nice place to stay in.

It doesn’t have to be a crazy theme like antarctic or Star Wars, but try to stick to a colour scheme or a general vibe like Scandinavian or retro. This is sure to attract more people, and it really doesn’t have to be expensive to accomplish!

@Altoretroloft does a great job keeping everything in their loft listing a mid-century style!

Create a photo-op

It’s no secret that people love a great photo-op for their social media. Whether it’s a stand-out decoration or a mural, this will make people want to get a pic and share it online! That way, you have a bigger chance of people using your hashtag which leads to free marketing for you. It could also be THE reason that people choose your listing.

Make sure to play it up and get your photographer to take a few fabulous photos of your photo-worthy feature. Then you can use this as the cover on your Airbnb listing, and as soon as people see it, they will be excited about staying there!

@thefunkyloft has a swing in their Airbnb rental – who can resist a photo on that?!

Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, it just has to be done smart! A few small and inexpensive changes can go a long way and will usually pay off quickly with a few extra listings. At the very least, make the best of what you’ve got by hiring a photographer to get you the best shots possible, check out our services here!



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