You work hard to put up content, and you spend time to make sure it looks nice, and you’re trying your best to make it valuable for your followers… so no one can blame you for actually wanting people to SEE it, right?!


We’ve already learnt tricks on the basics of getting your normal Instagram posts seen – if you haven’t read it yet, you can do so right here! What many people don’t realize, is that similar tricks can be applied to your stories.

Many people assume that stories only get seen directly from a person’s feed or if they happen to go directly to your page. This is 110% a MYTH. 

The only thing that is true about this, is that the majority of who sees your stories will be people who see it in there feed. Though the difference may not be as drastic as the numbers of non-followers that can come across your in-feed posts, it can still make a difference. 

Best of all, it can result in you gaining more active followers. So, why not try out some of these stickers on your next posts?!

Location Sticker

If you use any sticker, make it this one! It’s super easy and fast, involves virtually no guesswork, and it can easily be put on every story to boost your chances of getting seen.

All you have to do is find the location (your GPS has to be on for this) and click it. Then you can tap on the sticker to change the colouring or to change the size and move it around the page.

Easy peasy and this will automatically give you the chance of being seen through the location search!

Mention Sticker

This is a great sticker if you post a story related to others or with other people or businesses in the photos. When you click the sticker and start typing, the app will automatically suggest similar names, as you can see below!

This doesn’t have to be done with the stickers, you can also type accounts with the normal text, just use the @ symbol in front of their account name and suggestions should show up as well! You’ll know it’s worked when there’s an underline under their name.

This is an awesome tool because people will get notified that you have tagged them in your post, and they’ll have the option to repost your story! Any of their followers will be able to click on that and get directed to your page. 

Hashtag Sticker

Another awesome tool to get seen. These work the same as normal hashtags, and this allows your story to get featured under the hashtags that people may search. 

Just like ‘Mentions’, there is a proper sticker for this, but you can normally only use one of them for a hashtag. You can also use normal typing here, just as we’ve demonstrated in the pic below. When it gets underlined like that, you’ll know that it was done correctly.

You can use up to 10 hashtags in a story, and there is no reason not to use them all up! Try to focus on terms that get used pretty often. Fewer people use hashtags on stories, giving you a better chance to show up under larger hashtags (more on that right here!). 

If you don’t like how it looks, you can use a GIF or another sticker to cover these up (just like we’ve done above)! They can still get used in features, but your followers don’t have to see them. 

Challenge Sticker

If you’re taking part in a challenge that you got tagged in or saw on someone else’s page, this is a wonderful sticker. Not only does it let you tag the challenge AND nominate people directly within it, but when you click into it, it will also actually suggest a bunch of challenges. 

That means if you’re blanking on what you could post, you can come to get ideas right here! 

A challenge can be fun for your followers to see while getting your creative juices flowing, and can also be a really good way to get them involved with you. 

Now you’re all set with great ways to get your posts seen by more people.

If you’re just wishing you could leave this social media stuff to someone else, we’ve got you covered. Come see all our social media offerings, including photos and management, on this page!



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