Personal posts on a business Instagram may sound crazy, but they do actually have their place. On our last blog, we spoke about finding the right balance of business to personal posts – you can check it out right here

The truth is, that even though you’re running a business page, you shouldn’t be posting purely sales inclined stuff! Social media is meant to be social and while you’re customers are probably happy to learn about new products or great sales, they also want to see behind the scenes of the brand they love. They want to get to know you! 

If you’re brand new to the idea of getting personal in business, we want to give you some ideas of fun and work-inclined personal posts that you can use on your social feeds. Below you will find some of the ideas that are simple, fun and have great results!


Meet the team posts are a perfect clash of professional, yet casual! You get to show your audience a little bit about who is behind the products and services they love, while also showcasing the people that bring your business to life.

Tip: Try to keep it a little casual. Use an outside-of-work picture, or focus on who they are in their everyday life – this makes the people in the picture real and easy to relate to!


Showoff your great team culture! Do you do fun team events? Maybe a weekly cocktail hour? Perhaps a quarterly team getaway? This kind of content is so fun for the viewer for a few reasons. They get to see the team having fun, and it also helps them understand that you are an AWESOME company, even beyond the products and services that you sell. 


Let us in behind the curtain. Show us how your product is made. Show us the cool things that you get to see while providing your service. Give us an idea of how your brainstorm sessions look. This can be almost anything that isn’t your perfect product photo. We want to see who the company really is!


The point of getting personal on a business page is to help build a human connection. Nothing helps us connect quite like a hilarious, laugh-out-loud moment. If you have a product shoot that went wrong – use it as an opportunity to laugh at yourself a bit! If you accidentally caught the team singing a song together while packing product – that’s absolute gold!

If it brings a smile to your face, it will probably bring a smile to other’s faces as well, so don’t let that go to waste!


Social media is an amazing place to build a community. It’s also a great place to showcase that community! Share some interviews with customers, photos of fans and even consider resharing some of the posts with your products. If someone has never used your product before, there is no better testimonial than a truly loyal customer.

The bottom line is that people want to feel a connection to the people that they follow. The perfect and curated feed is starting to lose against a feed that the audience feels like they can really connect to. Combine business and casual to get the best of both world’s and appeal to every side of your followers!

Figure out how many personal posts you want to use by following our guidelines here.

If you would prefer to leave this in the hands of someone that has a little more experience and patience for social media – check our social media management services over here!



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