We all know Instagram as a photo-based social media platform. There is so much talk about grabbing the best photo or perfecting your grid, but that isn’t the only thing that matters to succeed on the app. 

Captions hold just as much importance as the pictures themselves. Sometimes it actually seems that they may be EVEN more important. 

So what’s the best way to make your caption stand out?

There are lots of apps online to help with just that! Check out some of our favourites to up your caption game!

Insta Space

Nothing is worse than reading one giant chunk of text on a very tiny screen. Unfortunately, anyone who has ever tried to make paragraphs for their captions within the apps knows that this can be quite the challenge and it doesn’t always work out the way you expect it to. 

Insta-space.org has come to our rescue. This app works from the internet, but can also be downloaded from the app store and Google Play. 

You can input your caption on the app, and it will format the text properly. This will help ensure that all the paragraphs come out properly. You also won’t have to mess around with putting symbols in between paragraphs, to help keep your text properly separated.

Once it gives you the reformatted text, you just have to copy and paste it into the caption box on Insta and you’re set!

Instagram Fonts

If you want to spice up your caption a little bit, then try putting a nice font in the mix. 

With IGFonts.io, you can input text and the app will give you a selection of fonts to choose from. Once you have the right word or sentence in the font, you can copy-paste it into your Instagram caption and it will keep the speciality font.

We recommend using this sparingly and trying to stick with one primary ‘accent’ font. A great idea is adding a little headline as the first line of your caption. the nice and unique font will catch people’s eyes, but they’ll still be able to read the rest of the paragraph without straining their eyes on a dramatic cursive font. 

This app is a desktop tool (and can also be used from your phones regular internet). If you want an app to download, you can check out the “Cool Fonts” app, which is available for Android and iOS.

Captions for Instagram Photos & Hashtags – Tag Wag

Writing new captions over and over is exhausting, time-consuming and not always so easy. This app is the king when it comes to caption ideas.

Download this app on your phone, and whenever you feel stuck with writing, you can head straight to it. Captions for Instagram has a massive library of both captions and hashtags divided into different categories. Just pick a category that sounds right to you and it will give you hundreds of caption suggestions. 

From there you can copy and paste directly or you can use it for inspiration and then write your own! 

You can even put a photo into the app, and it will automatically suggest a few captions for it.

If you’d rather leave Instagram captions to someone else altogether, check out our social media management services here!



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