With everything happening during this pandemic, businesses, particularly small businesses, are amongst the groups that are hurting the most. Many local companies have been forced to shut down in an effort to keep the virus at bay. While it’s clear why the measures had to be taken, many of these brands are struggling to stay afloat with the general costs of upkeep yet no income.

Instagram has come up with a few new ways for businesses to promote themselves and for fans to promote their favourite businesses! Here’s a look at how to use the newest features!

Food Orders Sticker

If you are in the food service industry and use DoorDash, SkipTheDishes or Uber Eats, you can put this sticker in a story to take people directly to your online order page. We recommend posting it with a very delicious food photo for extra effective persuasion. 

Golden Bell making use of the order sticker!

Gift Card Sticker

If you offer gift cards for your business (to use now or later if you aren’t currently open), you can bring awareness to your customers with this sticker. When you click this sticker in stories, it will prompt you to add your partner link, so you make sure that you use Gift Up!, Rise.ai or Square for your gift cards if you want to use this sticker! This is a great way for people to support your business even if you aren’t physically open at the moment.

A look at the set up for the Gift Card Sticker.


Since stories disappear after 24 hours, make sure that you either save these posts in your highlights or repost everyday. This will help keep it fresh on people page.  If you only use the sticker once, use it in your first or second story slide, as these will get seen by the most people generally!

Support Small Business Sticker

You can use this sticker on your own stories and it will feature them in a separate ‘featured’ story on your follower’s accounts, but you can also encourage others to tag your business to help support you. You could even consider running a small giveaway and get people to tag you in their stories with this sticker as their entry! 

How the Small Business Sticker looks in action.

New Profile Buttons

You can now add gift card, donation and delivery buttons right to your Insta profile. Just make sure you’re set to a business profile and click “edit profile”. Towards the bottom, you can click “Add Action Button” and set it all up from there! This will make it easier for people to support you if they come across your page.

The options to set up a new button on your business profile.

Stay Home Sticker

Although this isn’t geared towards businesses, a business can still benefit from the stay home sticker! It can help your story get featured on your follower’s page, so use this sticker on posts related to staying home (Ie. a food delivery post). It will help your story get seen by more people.

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