Facebook groups and pages have been around for many years, but is it possible that they have become more popular recently? On today’s blog, we’re discussing the reasons for the increase and how a Facebook group could benefit your brand!

What’s with the increase in groups?

If you had looked at Facebook ‘pages’ (the early days version of ‘groups’) 10 years ago, you would have come across a huge selection of groups that had very little meaning: “I eat red M&Ms first!” or “Dogs are better than cats”. These served virtually no purpose at the time other than to band people together on a common sentiment. Many of these, with large followings, morphed into meme pages or basically remained inactive. Groups almost lost their purpose.

The types of ‘Pages’ you may have seen when they first began popping up.

A few years ago, brands started to realize the value that a Facebook group could have for them, and they began to regain their popularity. As with most features on the app, Groups experienced many variations before becoming what we know today. Today, brands have on of the most direct lines of communication to their followers thanks to these groups.

What is a group?

A group isn’t the same as a business page. A group is meant more for discussion, a business page is meant more for promotion. If you are a liquor store for example, you may have your proper business page, but run a “cocktail lovers” group. On this group people can share, discuss and answer questions related to cocktails. It is moderated by the liquor store, but it relies heavily on its members to participate.

A selection of food and drink groups you can find on facebook

What makes groups great?


A good group relies more on the audience to participate than most social media platforms. To get the conversation going, the moderator can post prompts or contests that encourage members to share their experiences and ideas. This connects people and helps build a strong community around your brand.

A member of a travel group asks for All-Inclusive hotel recommendations


Groups on Facebook make it easy to stay connected with your audience by sharing content. If you run a blog, you can share your posts directly there. If your brand relates to travel, you can share any interesting article you find. It makes it very easy to post frequently, without having to create original content each time.

A moderator of a vegetarian group reposts a photo originally created for Instagram


A group on Facebook is one of the easiest ways to get insight directly from your ideal audience. Even by analyzing the discussions that members have on there, from the questions they ask to the answers they give, you have a great deal of insight on what they want and need from your business. By leading the conversation through prompts or interesting links, you can easily get answers to questions about how you can grow and evolve your business.

A user posting this question indicates that the group might be interested in branding related guides, ebooks and services


Kind of like an email list, a Facebook group is a selection of people who connect deeply with your brand or your message. These are your ultimate supporters and people who are genuinely interested in your work. If you ever release a new product or service, a group is a very direct way to reach your ideal customers!

An Instagram expert is able to promote her workshop to an engaged, ideal customer

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