The world has seemingly been flipped right on its head over the past two months. What is even happening? We know about all the facts and figures, but every day we’re still surprised that Covid-19 is actually happening. This is a global crisis, and with crisis comes change. This applies to social media just as much as it applies to anything else. Follow these tips to reassess your social strategy for the time being.

Don’t oversell

If you’re a business that can still function during Coronavirus, it doesn’t mean you should bombard people with sales pitches. People follow an account on Instagram because they want to know a brand on a more personal level, not because they want to be re-sold on your product everyday. 

Do consider running a promotion

If you can still work during this time, count yourself as one of the lucky few and do what you can to give back. If you can offer free delivery, a discount or run a few giveaways, now is the best time to do it! Show you care by giving back to your loyal customers. 

@earlsrestaurant is giving 20% off for anyone that orders food and drinks for pick up!

Don’t complain

This is a tough time for everybody, and chances are that you don’t have it all that bad. While it’s okay to be vulnerable with your followers and show them that you have your rough days too, make sure to check your privilege before you start acting bummed about being “stuck” in a beautiful, large home with your healthy family and tons of electronics and activities.

Do build community

Try to channel frustration towards building community. Find ways to connect with your followers – get on your stories a bit more, spend some time visiting their accounts and showing your love for them. Share other businesses you love, whether it’s in your stories or on your feed. These businesses will appreciate your support and your followers will be happy to see community over competition.

@rndspr_ is supporting Calgary small businesses by putting together a care box for order!

Don’t post facts and media about the virus

Misinformation is a second pandemic in and of itself. Avoid reposting media’s images of rising numbers or negative information. Even if the information is factual, it can often be biased or compare figures that aren’t necessarily comparable. These unnecessarily perpetuate fear without providing value. If you have the urge to share posts, try to stick to the positive ones that can give people hope in a difficult time. 

Do share your own knowledge 

Instead of sharing information that you can’t properly verify, focus on sharing information in an area that you’re an expert. Whether it’s an at-home cooking show, meditation guidance, tips for spring cleaning, arts and crafts lessons -anything really – post it!! This gives you a great way to demonstrate your expertise while providing a ton of value to your followers.

@thesweatseries has been giving a daily schedule on their story to show a bunch of fitness studios hosting live workout classes!

Most importantly, remember that how you behave during the crisis will heavily impact how people see your brand after this is all over. So, take some time and try to figure out what you can be doing to make the world a better place!

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