It can feel like a new social media pops up every day, making it a tough game to figure out when you’re trying to market your business in the virtual world. Get an idea of which platforms are best for your company with this handy guide!


Facebook may have lost some of its steam thanks to all the other platforms showing up, but don’t discount it completely. Most people over the age of 18 are still using this platform to some extent, and groups over between 25 and 49 years are the most active. It continues to innovate and acquire other platforms, so it’s likely that it will stick around for a while still.

Best for: Highly targeted paid advertisements and B2C businesses with older audiences


Insta remains one of the strongest players in the social game, with over a billion active monthly users (over 500 million daily users), it feels like everyone and their mom has an account. The organic reach is diminishing, but the platform ‘rewards’ you the more you use it and the features that it offers. Stay active on here!

Best for: consistent posters and B2C businesses with an audience between 15 and 30 years

Linked In

What was once a virtual resume has now become an actual social platform that people spend time on. Don’t think of this as a ‘B2B only’ type of app – there are over 500 million uses on this app connecting more and more frequently. Linked In offers one of the best organic reaches, making it an excellent place for any business to post their content. The direct messaging advertising can also take your marketing plan up a notch!

Best for: B2B and B2C companies that are new to social media and middle-age audiences, particularly professionals.

Tik Tok

This newcomer entered the market strong. Originating in China, this has seen a huge number of users in a very short lifespan. The video-based app requires a little experimenting and getting used to, but since it’s so new, the organic reach is one of the highest. Low-quality content can garner a huge audience. Get in here ASAP to make the most of it.

Best for: Younger audiences, older audiences that can be influenced by their kids to buy your product and Asian audiences.


Snapchat’s glory days have come and gone, and it sees less and less innovation by the day This may not be the best place to invest most of your time, but can still be very beneficial if you’re already producing video content for other platforms and can repost it here!

Best for: Businesses already producing videos for other purposes and young adult audiences.


This is another platform that is slowly dying, yet comedians and politicians stand strong! If you have a knack for hilarious quips, you may still have some luck here. Otherwise, most companies are opting out of the platform altogether.

Best for: Companies too lazy to produce photo, video or long-form text content, and audiences that love following politics online.


Youtube is the ultimate online university. Most people coming here are looking for answers, making it more of a video-based search engine than social media. It’s still a great place to connect, but because of its popularity, your content needs to be excellent to stand out. If you have information to share though, this is a really great place to do it.

Best for: Educational and informational content that is well-curated for audiences of all ages

There’s a lot to wrap our head around when it comes to the many social platforms we use these days. Start with one or two that make sense for you and focus on building those rather than spreading yourself too thin – this will yield a better return on your time investment!

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