See the Reno Before you even lift a Hammer

Renovations take time, money but more importantly vision and trust.  A great renovator will know how to accomplish all the work needed to take a project from start to finish, but unless the client has a firm grasp of what the final end product will be – there may be a disconnect once the project is complete.

That is where a virtual renovation may help.  We can take a photo of what is currently there, take your plans and your finishing selections and then using the same 3D CGI Rendering tools used in high productions movies – we can virtually render the renovation overtop of the existing photo.

So why does this work.  First it gives the client a better vision of what the finished product will be and makes it easier for the client to sign off on the final designs.  It also helps the client because it holds the renovator to an eventual finished product.  

Here are some samples of virtual renovations that Calgary Photos has done in the past. For more information on Virtual Renovations and how they can help you with your next project click on the link below.


Front Exterior – complex virtual renovation

Kitchen – complex virtual renovation

Kitchen – complex virtual renovation

Living Room – complex virtual renovation

Living Room – simple virtual renovation



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