5 Genius Ideas To Make Your Home Look Bigger

Whether you are a condo dweller in an urban setting, or own a small house in a farming community, the illusion of space can help you sell your home faster and for a more desirable price. Regardless of current home’s square footage, these tips will help make it feel much larger than it really is.

Paint Colours
When choosing paint colours for smaller areas in your home – especially for the purpose of staging or selling your home – use colours that are muted and light as this will give the room a feeling of spaciousness even if it’s a very tiny room. “Choose from trending colours to keep the look fresh and modern” says Richard Frankel at Durham Region Property Search. Two great colours for 2019 are – Nebulous White which has subtle blue-grey undertones and  Porcelain which has a warm, traditional feel. However, you don’t have to stick to neutral paint colours, as that certainly isn’t everyone’s preference! You can redecorate using light greens, blues and even yellows to give a room a more spacious appearance.

Furniture Size

Another way to trick the eye when it comes to room size is by selecting furniture that takes up less space. You can use this technique for any room in your home. If you’re working with a master bedroom that isn’t very large, use a Queen bed rather than a King, and select furniture that isn’t bulky or heavy. In your living areas, opt for a small sofa and two chairs rather than a large sectional.

Furniture Placement

Keep your furniture away from walls, which gives the impression of a larger room. If you can walk behind the sofa it makes the room feel larger than if you have the sofa directly against a wall. Even though you’re working with the same furniture and space, these slight modifications to furniture placement can have a big impact on the feeling of your home.

Storage and Clutter

Keeping items off the floor and tucked away increases the look of your rooms size because it clears sight lines from one object to another. When selecting furniture for your room, pick pieces that are multifunctional, such as storage ottomans that can be used as a coffee table, footrest and storage for blankets, books and games. Likewise, you can find multifunctional desks that can double as a side table when placed near a chair or couch, and has added storage for books and other items.

Space Maximizing Decor

Removing items from your room is one way to improve how spacious it looks, but there are also ways to add things to your room to make it look larger. Placing large mirrors opposite a window creates the illusion of a bigger room because it reflects the natural light. Instead of heavy drapes, use light or sheer window treatments to keep the room feeling open and airy. Where there is little wall space, be sure to cut back on wall clutter – things like pictures and decor – as they will make the wall feel smaller. If you have dark flooring in a small room, use a light coloured area rug. While it may not be ideal long-term for coffee and red wine drinkers, it’s the perfect fix to make small rooms feel much larger when your selling your home.



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