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Instagram Slide Brochure

Ever wanted to do something different with your social media posts?  How about doing an instagram slide brocure. Its simple.  

Click here to see sample!

Each Instagram slide brochure consists of 10 slides and each slide can have up to 35 words at 18pt font size. This is the recommended size based on regular legibility.   We recommend however that less words are used and key words are highlighted.

To make things easy please send us a MS Word or Pages document with your text done in the way that you want it to be presented. We will work with your text and try to lay it out so that it is the most visually appealing.

For example:

Slide 1:

1234 Parkville Ave


Swipe right to get a sneak peek!

Slide 2:

Featured Design by

Jane Doe Interiors

Built by

John Doe Luxury Home Builders


Send us your logo in an EPS, AI or PDF format.  If you have it in PNG that will work too.  JPEG however may produce some unwanted effects because there is no transparency with JPEG. 

Fonts and Colours

Lastly, if you have specific fonts or colors you would like to use, please let us know. For colors the easiest and most effective way is to get us a HEX or RGB color code.  If you don’t know what they are or want to pick your own, simply go to Google and search Web Color Picker.


– Include. 5 High res photos – your main photo will be in a 1×1 square format where as the other 2 need to be in a 1×2 format. (You can send us photos and just let us know which order you would like them in – we can crop them.) If you want to try something different you can also include a floodplan as one of your images.

– Include a MS Word or Pages document with the words you would like on each slide.  Also include in the document the colours and fonts that you would like to have used.

– Include Logo in EPS, AI, or PNG format.



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