Is all HDR the same? Nah….

Basically, there are three different types of HDR, tonal mapping, enfuse and enblend.  Each of them use different algorhythms to acheive the same idea which is to take two or more images shot at different exposures to create a final image that has more even contrast between the darkest and lightest areas, but all in all, the main goal is to create an image that looks more like what our eyes see.

The main issue that plagues HDR is color. 

When two or more images are used to create an HDR and the color grading is not set consistently between images, then you will get colour cast from one image to the other and that will create uneven and muddied images.  This happens primarily when photographers do HDR using an auto white balance setting on their cameras.  The reason they do that is simple – its faster and easier.

The second issue is when there are mixed light sources in a place, like interior lights and sunshine.  Where one is more blue and one is more yellow and orange.  These situations require color correction, but most photographers simply pull oranges and pull blues, but what that does is creates again a muddy looking photo.

Calgary Photos’ professional real estate photographers know how to avoid or correct all of these issues and are able to produce much cleaner, and color accurate photos than anyone else in the industry.

See these examples:

HDR using simple highlight and shadow suppression:

HDR using standard Enfuse – much like we see done in our competitor’s work.

Notice the blue shadows under the chairs, and the blue hues on the grey furniture.  Also notice the muddy wall colours and the changing colour of the ceiling.

HDR by Calgary Photos

Notice how the greys are greys, and the floors reflect the real colour of the wood.

HDR and Photoshop Enhancements by Calgary Photos exclusively for our builder clients



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