3D Floorplans and Measurements

Calgary Photos has teamed up with Excelsior Measuring Inc to provide its fabulous clients an affordable, accurate measurement and floorplan solution. Using the latest in technology and equipment Excelsior is able to provide reliable, guaranteed RECA RMS standard measurements and beautiful customizable floorplans. Take your floorplan to the next level with a 3D artist rendering of what your listing could look like.

Each 3D Floorplan order includes 2D floorplans and detailed measurement summary

15 Cents/sqft  $325 minimum

If you have a template for your brochures that you would like to use, please send it over to us in either an asset embedded AI or PS file.  If you use custom fonts please include a duplicate layer of all text converted to outlines.

3D Floorplans and Measurements



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