Keeping the lines straight

When I look at all the listings on MLS and see the exterior photos the one thing that stands out right away is when none of the lines are straight and when they have “keystone” distortion. That is where all the lines converge to the center top where the roof or upper level looks like a keystone that is holding the walls up.

To remove the key stoning you can either fix it in photoshop after the photo is take, using the right lens when shooting or a combination of both. In this post we will discuss the first method.

Our goal here would be to fix the problem in post production using photoshop. To do this you would take your photo and then apply the filter called lens distortion.

In the filter slide the vertical distortion to the left until both sides of the home become parallel.

From there use the image rotation to straighten the lines up to perfect verticals.

And to finish off simply crop your image.

That’s it!  One thing that will make this easier is to use a longer lens and to shoot from farther away as it produces less distortion.  We will discuss that and other photography tips and tricks in our next post.

At Calgary Photos we provide Photoshop services to help fix your photos. Feel free to ask us about what we can do for you!



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