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A Unique way of Using Exposure Fusion

HDR for Real Estate Photography

We’ve all heard of exposure fusion and HDR – we’ve also seen focus fusion which can be really interesting if done right.  Here is an example of running a fusion using different color temperatures at different exposures to get a better image than could be obtained on its own.

1.  This is the final image.
2. This is exposed metered for the house and color corrected for the color of the house.
3. Exposed 2 stops under and color balanced for tungsten giving us a really nice blue sky.
4.  Exposed 2 stops over and color balanced to cloudy daylight to get ugly yellow out of the grass.

Run these all these through exposure fusion and you get shot number 1 with a great looking lawn, great sky and an accurately color balanced house.

And for those of  you who are wondering if there was any PS done – the answer is no.  Once the temperatures are set – they’re sent through fusion and that’s it.

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